Hi, I’m Emily Clark

I’m a wife, mom and business owner with a passion for helping other small businesses thrive. Armed with an education in Accounting and a heart for helping others, I’m here to de-mystify the bookkeeping financial aspect of your business.

I learned bookkeeping at my very first after-school job as a teenager and immediately loved the work and haven’t stopped since! My time in the industry has taught me that large businesses and corporations are not the only entities that need bookkeeping. Small businesses and individuals also need access to accurate, timely financial information. I have a deep love of bookkeeping and a passion for providing small businesses the information they need to assess the health of their business and plan for the future. I’m excited to be able to focus on the heart of both the business and the business owner.

Emily Clark Bookkeeping is based on the Central Coast of California but serves clients all over the U.S. using cloud-based bookkeeping solutions.


Emily Clark
Owner, Emily Clark Bookkeeping